Sunday, 26 June 2016

What Does the chanting of the Mantra Achieve?

An innocuous question posed by a Soul Friend at the exact moment someone "steals" the steel flask wherein lies my daily dose of "warm water with freshly squeezed lime, a piece of amla and ginger".
The flask is kept on a park bench, next to my home. A park- lush and green and natural- a space where i spend a lot of my time grounding my energies, releasing and healing- with the assistance of the various Beings and nature elements and so many more.
It's exactly 8:47a.m. now and i have been walking in the park since 7 a.m.
There is a "Codes of Enlightenment " workshop and initiation i have been doing since almost a year now. We are in the Phase 11 and working with the Archangelic Aspects of our Heart.
A special Mantra, received by my Master Sri Qala from the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light is used to cleanse and activate the eleventh dimension of the Heart portal.
i shall just narrate the incident:

As i started my walk, and the chanting of the Mantra, i was guided to start working with each Chakra. I had to concentrate on the particular Chakra and mantra aloud the special Light Language chant.
The Mala made of 108 beads completed one chakra...generally.
Certain starts from the First and moves on to the second...and so on and so forth. Sometimes, the energy of the Chant just energises the Chakra- this is seen with the help of the Third Eye as a Clockwise rotation.
At other times, the energy starts the Chakra to move anti-clockwise. This means that this particular Chakra needs Cleansing- a knowledge i learnt from the Pranic Healing Classes. Then, i keep on chanting ...maybe more than 1 round of the mala..and moving into the second ....till the Chakra rotation stops and then starts moving clockwise. It's a beautiful experience and one knows and thanks the Beings aiding one in cleansing these unseen Karmas. One moves on the the next Chakra when this particular Chakra is whirring beautifully in the clockwise direction. This may take one Mala and or more...depending on your state of consciousness and work done in the inner and outer planes.

Now..i moved on to a particular chakra and immediately it started moving anti- clockwise.I heaved a sigh - resigning to "Work-to-Do" and started chanting. I super imposed the Colors of the Chakra, the Sounds associated with it and brought in the Beings of Love and Light working on that Chakra.

" Everything done in the outer planes are a reflection of inner planes"
Just the previous round, a fellow regular walker had bought in a large bottle of water in a plastic container. I looked at it and judged- This reduces the energy of the water". And walked on.

Karma plays it's own role- and as i approached the bench, looking forward to a sip of my highly energised water in the Steel Vaccum Flask, i saw it was no longer sitting there.  Wham!

My particular Chakra is still moving anti-clockwise. I realise i judged. It was the immediate karma playing out- the flask was whisked away. Standing there, i immediately thanked the Soul who had taken my flask, hooponoponoed him/her, for i know my Karma had been taken care of at a physical level. I thanked the Elementals who take care of the flask for Being with me for so long- it was my favourite flask. i still am going to do what i need to - let the people around the park know about this so that the necessary steps are taken to ensure such theft dosen't happen. I cut any attachment cord i may have had with the flask. i blessed the Soul for releasing my Karma and released him from any karmic ties with me from my side for his act committed.
   i also saw that there was something i needed to do to protect " my property" at meta- physical level and am waiting for the correct download to show me what i need to do- which will probably be a prayer and/or a guided meditation...whatever needs to be done.

right now, as i get on with my consciousness is at that Chakra level...and the whole day is dedicated to it.

So help me God! And the Love and Light Beings of all the Dimensons.
So be it and so it is .

Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Chanelling of the Chakra Healing Meditation

Intuition. Inspiration. Guidance...Similar experiences and different names to describe it. i wish to share how this Chakra Healing Meditation was channelled through me.

Those days, i was working within the recesses of the mind- learning and practicing Hypnotherapy. Essentially, answering the " Why'" of everything within me and around me...on one level. And the other level was learning to completely quieten the mind- to a zero no thought state, while doing whatever one does in a daily routine life. Even observation was using the mind. So, in a day, there were times when i would "see" and ask my questions and times when i would just work with the heart and flow in the moment. Other times, i would observe myself doing whatever that i was doing, talking, thinking.
Soon, i was able to deftly switch between the three states easily.
The White Light Meditation was channelled by my inner plane Master- whom i was training under during that time- Master Sanat Kumara. When i speak about being trained by HIM, i mean vivid dreams, and his voice guiding me in my head. I just "know" - to read a particular book or maybe an article on the internet or do a guided meditation programme.
 A few weeks before this recording, i started getting a sense- like an inner knowing that something was coming up. The mind would dart- yet the heart would just say " Breathe" and the Master would just smile. My genes have blessed me with the ability of being clairvoyant and since the beginning of my journey, my third eye opens when it needs to and i can see in the inner planes- in the altered states of consciousness. My paternal grandfather, i can see him smiling at me as i type this down, had this ability. I am grateful to him for passing it down to me.
I had realised at that point, that when this feeling comes up, i need to be very aware of all the " signs" around me. I took on the role of the "watcher" as Eckhart Tolle so beautifully describes.
The first sign- my beautiful son  expresses his desire, out of the blue to learn the drums. I did my research and on a Saturday, landed up at the Academy. Those days, i was also working with the planetary deity- Saturn and the Karmic Council headed by Chohan Lady Qyan Yin and as this incident happened, i was alert.
As i enrolled my son in the class, my eyes fell on a sheet lying next to table- announcing the opening of the Recording Studio on the third floor. It sort of stood out- like swimming in front of my eyes, and i knew i needed to ask. And ask i did. And was informed that anyone can record in the studio- a professional one. A part of me just noted it down.
A few weeks passed. I was doing my meditations and healings and learnings. Then one day, it so happenned that i went to pick him up from his class. This was unusual. And while walking out, i , mindlessly- for that's the only way to describe it- booked the studio for the coming Saturday.
I was quiet. I was watching myself book it. I had no idea why i did that.
This was a Monday. i went into meditation and just asked my Master- what is this...i received a blankness. No response. No answers. Just darkness. i just breathed. And shrugged and said, " Okay. I ll wait. "
And the whole week passed. Me weekly Wed Med's at Tat-Tvam-Asi too went without a single sign.  Question would surface in the mind..Do i need to read up on something? Do i need to take something with me? What will i record? Complete blankness would greet me. Then, He told me to learn to completely blank my mind and trust, learning to live even more intensely in the moment. And that's what i did. And waited.
Saturday morning dawned. The booking was for 11 a.m. I got dressed and waited...mind was blank. An impulse made me pick up an instrumental healing Cd and my Book of Invocations.
Re-enforcing my faith, i left for the Studio. " What are you going to record? How long is it going to be?"asked the technician. A "mind of no thought" answered," It's a guided meditation and will be about 45 minutes."I looked at myself answering and smiled.
What happened in the studio was a complete trance. I closed my eyes and spoke. And when i finished speaking, i blinked open my eyes and the recording was done.
Exactly 45 minutes.
The meditation was ready.

As i look back at the experience, it was completely guided by my Higher Self and overlighted by my Master. I loved it. And i started practicing this more and my daily life. Simple buying groceries to clothes to giving instructions...for i knew if i "felt" like, it would be needed. And i would do it, without allowing the mind to interject/question/oppose.

How simple. How easy. And how rewarding.
Available to all - who desire it.
So be it!