Sunday, 24 September 2017

Signs and symbols

i have recently started a lot of distant healing sessions. As i sit in the verandah, there in front of me is a beautiful jackfruit tree...laden with fruit.
i enjoy the spirit and energy of this tree tremendously.
As i sat down, i noticed two fruits , like twins, stuck to each other ...

since a couple of weeks, i was working on a lifetime of mine in Egypt. It was healing of the divine feminine who was in deep shock at the irresposible acts of the men.
This sub personality was enlightened and knew and worked with Light energies. Hence, it took a while longer to heal her ....
in this process, i started noticing that one of the twin jackfruit had a face- a feminine face with eyes and brows and a was really there.  i knew it was a symbol of my divine masculine and divine feminine within me.
Over the next few days, as i healed that aspect within me, i noticed the female jackfruit had started rotting...literally rotting....i immediately recognised and connected the dots.

And one morning, i saw a beautiful squirrel going inside the rotten fruit and eating it up.

i smiled . The squirrel was a power animal for me. It represented the hand of God.
The symbolism was easy...i was being healed by the Creator himself and all is well. i smiled and waited...for the healing to get i did what i had to do.

Today, as i sat once again, in a session, the lady jackfruit, fell. Crashed down . i smiled.
i knew that aspect of mine was healed , whole and complete.
Gratitude and grace flowed.