Saturday 11 July 2020

A Saturnian Experience

Whenever physically we humans can make inter stellar journey's on planets happen...

Trips are even possible now. Albeit in our Soul bodies. And this is exactly what a motley group of us did..on the super energising,power packed day of July 5th,2020.

A combination of lunar eclipse with the Guru Full Moon provides seekers like us with super special opportunities of interstellar travel and with clarity. It's like how a Captain waits for the tide to turn, and sails his ship at the most perfect time. And that is exactly what Tat Tvam Asi did.

A request to access the healing Zones of this highly advanced planet with a maximum group of 50 Souls was recquisitioned by me to the Saturnial Council of 12 about three weeks in advance. And we reserved the slot..for it is a very busy planet.

Due to it's very exalted position in our Solar System, and as i came to know - in our inter Galactic zones as well, this planet is the Jewel of all Planets; the Hot destination for seeking and receiving soul advancements, positions in the various planetary councils, redemptions, recquisitions..the list seems quite endless.

Saturnians are the highest, most advanced lifestreams in our Solar System. The civilisation is naturally existing in different dimensions, according to each Soul's personal Light quotient. A thriving, multi-dimensional existence.  Perfected systems. Great beauty.Natural splendour.

The Rings number 49 totality. Each Ring, a sub-level of the 7 Chakras, which have 7 sub levels.
               As the consciousness of the Lifestream matures and grows and expands in understanding and love, one naturally graduates to the next level ring. This is the space for healing and wisdom acquisition and increase in one's creative potentials. It has pyramids, temples, advanced nursing homes, areas where fire rituals ( havan's in the Vedic terminology) are performed. Sound healing rooms. Red Indian wigwams. Magic Circles. Schools and Practice centres where souls are introduced to skills of telepathy, telekinesis,clairvoyance, teleportation...and other advanced ascended master skills. They are trained.

                 The surface of the planet is lighter and in a naturally higher dimension. It is full of pure, natural manna-thick lush forests, much like our tropical evergreen, equatorial...yet somehow more in vibrancy. There is a level of peace beyond understanding. And the energy of creation exists in plentiful.It's like the air elementals thrive and the levels of ozone are at a level of the highest of the high.  Ofcourse, this is the area we accessed- the zone of the Crystal Skull caves and i am sure the other areas have varied treasures to be explored.

                 The Crystal skull caves remind me of the one Phantom had..if one has read the comics and knows his character. They are large in size, made of differnt materials.

At the designated Earth time, this beautiful Golden spaceship, like a flat saucer, landed in a garden in Hospet. This is a town on one of the ley lines of the planet. It was the birthplace to the Golden era of civilisations, even in Kal yug. So one can imagine the power of this town portal.
Our group, after the necessary psychic protection and clearing, walked in a single file into the Spacecraft.
It was manned by 2 was an alien looking humanoid while the other was a beautiful lady.

As we moved in, each one of us ( all all future ones who will download this meditation in a later date)were handed a number...1,2,or 3. And a star badge was placed on our left chest.

Tuesday 28 April 2020

My Professional Passion-Past Life Regression

Genes. More powerful than one can imagine. More invisible....who has seen them except in that one chapter in that Biology textbook! Yet, so tangible. How the energy of the specific "Gene" opens at some point in one's life and one is taken over by it's power. Be it a physicality, a habit, a "twitch" of the face or even a "slap"on the bum of a loved one! Extreme fondness for  "dal ki pakodi"...long fingers with that peculiar hair growth on the crevices of the skin...fascination for an art form or just simply an addiction of "tobacco" passed down thru generations. A natural sharpness for Mathematics...the height of one's body or the shape of one's "bottom"s!

Isn't the list endless? And when you look around observing this in suddenly, you sound and respond like your own mother ...and in your near and dear loved one' start connecting the dots. You with the elders to find out more about our ancestors and their lifestyles...stories and more stories emerge out of nowhere. And in your moments of introspection or just plain old family chat sessions, we connect dots and enjoy the "aah" moments!

My deep foray into the world of Hypnosis and Past Life Regression, one of my learnings and joys for how...and HOW i have been engrossed and enthralled and almost obsessed with this technique...of entering into the mind of a "client" {for lack of a better word, please excuse this and if you could suggest another alternative...i would oh so welcome it}, moving into another time and lifetime...and exploring. Past Lives. Present timelines. Future Selves. Healings. Self realisations. Empowernments.             
My love. My passion.

Many of my sessions, and i am so grateful for these people who have opened themselves to me, have been focussed on Etheric Gene Therapy, Ancestral Healing, Inner Child Healing. Astral work of showing the lost souls "the light." Piecing together scattered parts of a personality who was a soldier in a war, blown to bits by the booming canon. Sewing the severed head. Embalming the burnt body of a "witch" who was just a Lightworker, born at the wrong time. 

The happier moments of piecing together a broken heart as self-realisation sets in. Completing the unfinished project. Meeting beloved ones. Receiving rewards for a lifetime of work. Cutting ancient unauthorised cords. Reviewing a whole life and holding a smile of satisfaction. Dissipating clouds of boredom or disbelief or fear. Smashing wrongly held mindsets.which opens new vistas of freedom.  Releasing knee-pain which has bothered the person for years. Hair regrown. A birthmark which disappears for it was the remaining scar of a physical beheading which is now healed. 

  Yes, all of  the latter. And so much more. Each session-unique and magical. Astounding. Almost impossible to believe.  And yes, all has happenned. The person emerges out of the session...more whole, more complete, more balanced and aligned than before. There is a stillness which accompanies him. A soul stirring. 

i understand there is a vast section of people out there who "pooh poh" it "halucinations", "nonsense" and whatever else...i have deep respect for all of them...for Hey! It's a free will Universe and one can believe what one wants to. 

Nobody believed in the concept of Gravity till we could find the scientific ways to prove it, which mankind eventually did and now it's an accepted Fact. Nobody believed that the world was round till that one braveheart proved it..and then it became a fact. i could go on and on. Explorers and inventors and creators just believe in their intuitions and gut and forge ahead. Me too...went ahead into this field, based on my gut and my heart. It just felt so right as i registered with the first foundational course in learning Hypnotherapy. Session after session...opening one door which lead to ten doors and then twenty more. 

I reminisce about those days of learning...with a select group of "first-timers" for back in 2008, this was relatively unknown. i would be in my own world...even at home. The learnings occupied my mind 24/7. That is all i cared for and was focussed on. Laser focus. I would finish my duties as a wife and a mother and the lady of the home as well as all the other garbs we don, waiting for that moment when i could retreat into my files, browse through my notes or recount the last personal session i had on myself. Figuring out and connecting the dots. The "Aha" moments. The look of amazement . Bewilderment. Enchantment. Spell-binding. The self satisfying smile of knowing. 

Sessions are like that. One goes into the sub-conscious mind with some thought and the world which is opened inside is simply stunning. And it's your own mind. 

I'm reminded of the movie "Inception" and the animated one called "Inside Out". It captures an essence of what happens within. If you have not seen it, it is strongly recommended. 

This is and will remain one of my passions. And yes, gene alterations have also been done in these sessions. And an ancestral family history of high blood pressure, has been reversed, among various other things. 

i await, with wide eyed wonder and bated breath..for as we progress into the New Golden Age, these Sessions become simply more spectacular. Seeing is believing. Experiencing is understanding. And i am a student of this course, delving deeper and deeper, into the realm of the human mind. 

The Energetic Grid of Protection


Welcome to the world of Energy.

If You are a neophyte, getting used to its laws and systems and methods of working/healing/empowering/realizing... or a veteran in this space...either way, you must consider these Grids as a necessary Tool of Ascension. 
I might add.. as essential as the spacesuit to an astronomer on a spacewalk or a mask and gloves to be worn in a laboratory.


I wanted to share how I chanced upon these Grids.

My foray into the world of energy, seriously and methodically, began around the year 2000. I was always guided by my Higher Self from the beginning... I owe this to my dearest Grandfather, Shri Ballabh Dasji Binnany, who was one of the rare ( during those times) Shakti Seekers as well as the holder of the Violet Flame. I spent a lot of time with Him daily..from the age of 9 years till my teens..and as I look back, during those daily hours of togetherness, he passed onto me- sometimes in words but most of the times, covertly, energetic keys and codes which activated at the Divine time, as I traversed my Life Path.

It was because of his constant overlighting, in his Spirit form, that even after He physically left this Earth plane, I would find the next thing to do, easily and naturally.  I was always guided by Him...till He guided me to be guided by my Higher Self. And once this was done, he took a I navigated my invisible, inside world.

And I dived into my subconscious mind...almost daily since 2000...learning my courses and workshops and getting my initiations and empowerments...reading… I started noticing the small, sometimes big ...upheavals/disturbances happening in my life. As I realized, that this is going to be a regular feature for these are the areas that need to be cleared and healed ( and then discover the hidden pot of gold and the connected skills/gifts which made everything worth its while), I also realized that while I was in this self-healing and empowering process, I needed Energetic Protection. For often, these times, I would be vulnerable or unwell or off guard or too emotional or too flighty or too low or too confused.

I communicated with my Higher Self and my Guides and Ascended Masters in my meditations and my dreams, and was insistent to the point of obstinance, that my pre-requisite to the next level of growth would be safeguarded with the appropriate next Grid level protection. I had figured the existence of these Grids in a beautiful experience I had with the Sudarshan Chakra.

One day, while I was exploring the world of Sanskrit Mantras, our family had a Maha Vishnu Anushthan on a full moon day. During the puja, the chanting of the Sudarshan Mantra was very prominent. And as the learned priests chanted, I went into deep meditation, sitting right there in the middle of all the Divinity. I am a clairvoyant and a claircognizant and what I saw being created out of the void, as the priests chanted...bought a smile of beweilderment and wonder on my face. As the invocations grew in resonance, I could see the magical appearance of golden particles around the periphery of the house. The densities gradually increased, in scynchronisation of the chanting. And in a while, formed a golden disc around the home, It stabilised in its size and density. And then, after a point, the outer rings morphed into the razor sharp ridges.That took a bit of finalising and once done,at a particular resonance of the mantra it started spinning. Slowly at first and then gathered in speed..till it became so fast that it almost became invisible.It had a harmonious rhythm and a sleek sound.It emitted sparks intermittently.

On a closer look, I saw that the sparks were actually a collision between the higher vibrations of the Sudarshan and denser, darker energies. Yes. That is what it was doing. Dissipating and transmuting and protecting our home space from energies and entities and thought forms. And as I zoomed out, into the vastness of space, I saw or rather glimpsed the gargantum Being of Shri Maha Vishnu holding the Sudarshan, as we have seen since childhood, on his finger. It was beautiful, to say the least. And in a flash, I was back in my own body and my eyes opened. The priests were chanting. The family was sitting. There was a heady aroma of the Lotus flower. And I heaved a sign of knowing.Once again, I deeply thanked the Maharishis and our forefathers.

I realized soon, that one grid is not enough. I was opening myself and everything I owned and loved, to the multidimensional world..and hence, needed many grids of varying intensities, color codes and consistencies to ensure I was self- protected in my journey, to the maximum possible in this Universe where Light and Dark were two sides of the same coin.

And over the years, I received this Energy Grid layer by one layer. It gets upgraded as and when the need arises for me and I share it with all who need it.

In the present form, this Energetic Grid of Protection has 7 Layers of Light and Love Grids in the form of Walls, Rings, Pyramids, and Stars which connect one's Antahkarana or Column of Light ( the base building block of one's Aura) to the heart of Mother Gaia and the Suns and Moons above. As one gets the sign from their Higher Self, You receive the next level upgrade to a higher dimension. One starts with the Solar Sun and then goes on to other Star systems like Pleiades, Sirius, and so on.

What are these Energy Grids or Shields? 

They are the same as a boundary wall or a wall with an electric fence or a house with a burglar alarm or a hi-fi security system. They protect and empower your Aura from unwanted energy of the outside world. 

They are invisible in the physical world. But HIGHLY visible in your inner world of Energy. I have received each of them from Different Ascended Masters, Gods, and Goddesses. Some from existing Teachers. 

 I remember getting it double checked with one of my beloved Teachers who "saw" through her opened, clairvoyant third eye, this Energy Grid all around one of my assets. She saw most of the various layers I had activated. 

They are to be used for oneself, loved ones, rooms in a home or office, bank accounts, hotel rooms, events, meetings..the list is endless. 

As they are activated, they start their intelligent pulsations and dissipate/ transmute lower density entities, thought forms, and energies into white light. 

Psychic attacks, emotional arrows, bad eye...negative thought forms..all are dissipated and dissolved. The more You use them, the stronger and real it becomes. 

You save a lot of precious time and energy for no longer do you need to be distracted/thrown off course by "outside" energies. 

They, of course, allow higher density energies of love, light, and creation from outside to permeate into your world. Say the unconditional love energy from your Mother or the Divine radiated light from Maha Laxmi or the pure aid/advice from a soulmate. The energy of joy from a beautiful piece of music or the energy of pure beauty from a piece of diamond. The list is endless.

They are naturally intelligent sentient particles of love and light and adjust with your Energy field daily. Hence, somedays, the ring could be composed of lead and thick or gold and dotted. Certain days, they revolve at the speed of light around your heart chakra and third eye while other days, they choose your earth star chakra and crown chakra. 

They expand naturally, as Your Aura grows...which is the natural by-product of any inner work, chantings, healings, breathwork, realizations, empowerments, and the likes ...You do in your Path. 

You will feel the difference...for you can experiment with them and see how it affects You when it is "activated" say in a crowded space or a party. I have and it's fun!

They are multidimensional..multi-faceted and the list goes on and on. 

Please visit the testimonials page of the website to read the benefits and effects.

How Does one Put them on?

Once I do the first session where it is implanted within your Energy Field, You have 2 options:
   ~ Do a Mandala of 40 days where you read the text ( which I provide) once a day or 3 a day within 22 days. Once this is done, You will have entrained your Aura with this Grid and Shield and from then onwards, just a keyword will be enough to activate and ignite it daily. 
~ Or Read it weekly, guided by Your Higher Self. 

Personally, I love the first option as once this is done, it' s done for your life and we just need to use the simple keyword daily to ensure it's online and activated. 

I could write a thesis on this! I Am advised by my Higher Self to desist.
Guessing this would be enough…
Always available to happily answer questions and queries…

Thursday 9 April 2020

The "glass half full" - The Magic of Yoga Asanas

How many times have we heard of the above adage! And i'm recounting how many times i have applied it.

This time, i got the "time" to pursue what has been a niggling "to do" in my mind since almost six months. Yoga has,well, not always, but if i jog down memory lane, since the age of 25, after the delivery of my beautiful daughter and my journey taking me to this unblievable exotic town called Hospet, where due to "the no other option" option, i was introduced to my first Yoga Guru, Sri Yogi...and the rest (cliched as it may sound) is history! ( for my life!)

A city bred girl, a health freak and a fitness enthusiast....that was me at 25 years. And here was the sleepy town of Hospet. I remember how upset i was that there was not a single aerobic teacher, let alone a gymnasium. "Walking" was a starter to my routine. It was NOT a fitness option. Now what is to be done!

My mind raced. I decided to procure Jane Fonda cassettes and was thankful, i could do a routine at home. Still not satisfied, for what's the fun in working out alone...i started holding classes for like minded women - some even say they were forced to join in! Tee-Hee.

Well, man or rather woman proposes and He disposes. This was not meant to be. And, much to my chagrin, i had to look for another option. This was when i met my Yoga Teacher, Shri Srinvas Sir and then there was no looking back.

Daily, for all the days i was in Hospet, he was a constant feature in my home. And my love rhapsody with Yoga began...dispelling all wrongly held notions the young me had in her mind.

Since then, i have been dabbling with this art form, for that is what it is. Worked with many Teachers in my journey and enjoyed all forms...

This current situation has given, i m sure, to all of us, a precious commodity called "time". And i started working with one of my "to-do"s"an extended Yoga session mastered by my own body consciousness and the highlight being - holding each Asana for a considerable length of time. My own sync with my Soul.

Since Day 1 of this India Lockdown, i embarked on 2-2.5 hours of Iyengar Yoga. The Great Master has published a beautiful book on Therapuetic Yoga. It has pictures of the flow of Asanas which aid in the healing and flowering of all systems of our magical body. And oh my i am loving it.

Each session..working with the simplest of Asanas, for that is what we need for our mind-body-soul sync. And then just pausing time as i hold one Asana for 3-7-10 minutes. Just still. Just breathing. Just mindful of my body in that pose. And then as i close my eyes, i am able to zone in to the "brain"of that Asana- the main fulcrum point which is one of the 12 Chakras. And then, as i go deeper in with the passage of more time- believe me you, the 7 minutes feel like an eternity sometimes...and then i can feel the prana pulsating...and then i can feel it being distributed to those organs or muscles or fat.

It is pure magic. It is invigorating. Sometimes, it's painful. At times, a cramp needs to be attended to.

I can feel..after that 5 th or 8 th minute..the energy flowing. and that is pure "Amrit"...the nectar, the golden elixir...and i wait for it. Asana after Asana. Today is my 15 th Day. And i'm already wondering what tomorrow' s session will unlock for me, my body, my mind and my soul.

Friday 14 December 2018

The 7 Horses and the Sun temples of Healing

Every session, every workshop is a new experience. A wise man has said...As you teach a technique, you yourself experience a deeper facet of that teaching. The qud pro quo principle.

i feel impulsed to share my experience with a group of souls last week, a Sat of 2018, December.
The intention of the workshop was to receive releases through the process of Rebirthing, overlighted mainly by dearest Babaji and MahaDev. There were many other Beings of Love, Light and Wisdom and i extend my humblest gratitude to them.

The workshop started as scheduled and the first session was very normal...rebirthing process.
It was the after lunch session which took off...literally a very unusual style for me, for this is something i have never headed before.

As we went deep within, which was the first session- we were traversing our inner organs and the cells, a "leap " or a "jump" happened and i found the 9 of us shooting out of the Crown , in a group Merkhaba spaceship like vehicle....a large spherical etheric spaceship with me at the "steering wheel" or whatever one may call it- the Guardian or the Guru or the TorchBearer- and the rest of the nine souls in their own personal Merkhaba's seated all around, behind me. Each of their Merkhabas had their immediate families with them. They too were in their soul bodies.
 The route of the large vehicle went through the vortex of Shamballa and zipped through the Earth's atmosphere. In nano seconds, we could see the rings of Saturn and entered a Gateway. The Gatekeeper's checked my arm and saw a lotus insignia and we were in.
The landing of the ship hapenned and we walked down a beautiful pathway-  manicured lawns and fountains of rainbow colours ...colours were vivid and had an HD quality to it...thats the only way i can describe it.
We approached a magnificent building - palatial...spread out with golden domes and sparkling exteriors. Broad steps took the group in as massive doorways greeted us. They opened with the lotus insignia and we walked in...soaking the environment. Arched domes with very high ceilings,and colorful birds flying in flocks.
The hall was semi-full with people wearing long robes and sparkling necklaces. Humanoids and various other life forms...much like the Star Wars gatherings. Head dresses and make-up.Some were hudled in groups while others were watching the procedings- in the far end of the Room. There was an Arthur like horseshoe table- and seated on it were the Council of 12. Each one, a beam of golden -diamond life-Beings i have personally worked under, as any one who is on the Path has and will.

This as the Karmic Council of this Solar System. They have complete access and authority to all the Akashaic Records of all the trillions and mega-llions souls in this Solar System, accross all space, time and dimension. They are resplendent Beings, connected to Source, needless to say.

Our group appeared before this Court, as was decreed, and our and our family's Akashaic Records were presented. It all happens in spilt seconds as the Space-tiem continuum on thsi Planet is differnt from's much faster.

Stamps of redemption were awarded, some were rejected.
All the member's received garlands of flowers, some received keys and jewels and tiaras and halo's, which they carry with them, in their bio-energetic field.

Tuesday 21 November 2017

Soul Contracts, Agreements and Vows

OMG! I'm amazed ...yet again. And so thankful and grateful and expansive ....yet again.
The universe is so simple as YOU want to make it for yourself. And has all the signs and symbols a Soul needs to decode- a mathematical word for HEAL...for those who prefer that!
It really is the same!

Once again...want to share, what i term as those little miracles in daily life, which reconfirm the presence of the invisible...reconfirm the concept of how the flutter of a butterfly's wing in Lagos, affects the movement of a flower in Tokoyo. Reconfirm how our past acts, deeds and thoughts affect the presence and by using  sheer intelligence ( one of the many ways one can pursue), and the basic questions of how, what and why.....lifetimes of energy entanglements can be sorted into clear, beautiful energy lines of love and light and power.

The following is an incident in the life of a seeker, who came to me and we decoded and smoothed old contracts made, for they were no longer needed and valid.

IT IS TRUE. You may have heard somewhere, sometime...Be careful of what u just might ring true.

The following experience proves, beyond doubt, how each and every statement made by a a bound contract which can be ended only by oneself. The story below is in retrospective....

A seeker suddenly noticed a strange thing on his iphone. One fine day, The App store on it's phone needed an email verification sent to a phone number...which was no longer his. It was strange.  The email was an old one which he no longer used. So, he could not update his Apps as he could not access his App store. Something needed to be done. Also, he noticed, that this old email was one created as a "commom" one between his wife and two kids, many years back...and no one used it now.

This seeker knew...all things outside were a reflection of all things within. He had done enough self work to know how things sort themselves in the outer world when the energy entanglements are cleared, healed, the "inner world".

In a regression session, it was seen how all these four souls were closely connected ( the husband, the wife and the two kids). They had taken multiple births together, exploring different themes and aiding each myriad ways. As with Soul's who incarnate as family, there are somethings called
"unauthorised cords", "spoken and unspoken vows as well as contracts and agreements".

How many time have we heard lovers promising to each other...we shall ALWAYS be together! Mother's promising their kids...I will forever take care of You....the list is endless...even with close friends and sometimes, with glamorous personalities as well! ( Fans screaming...i ll die for You nd what else!!!!)

Well, here was a case of one of the four souls who had vowed to help the other three in their growth for as long as it was recquired. This soul was the one which, in the now, came up with the issue with the phone upgrades.
He immediately understood that an upgrade on his phone..which was it's method of communicating, as well as storing, referencing, googling, mapping..and whatever else he did on his phone...was getting blocked and needed immediate resolution.Before his session,  he called up the Apple customer service and spent 4 hours on the phone, trying to sort out the issue...the final recommendation was to back up and restore the phone to it's original settings and hope this issue sorts it out!Ofcourse it did not! which is when he came for a session to clear his energy lines.

The session entailed a classic case of the cutting of unauthorised cored with the other three souls as well as breaking of agreements, vows and promises that this particular soul had made to the other three. This came out clearly..after the intent of the session was decide to sort out this phone dilemma.
The session was completed and the client walked out...knowing fully well that by the nightfall, his phone wold be bak online...with it's upgrades.

And this is exactly what hapenned. He called the Apple customer support again, which now came up with newer solutions to resolve the issue...the steps into the other...and finally, the soul had to use only his personal id to log in and upgrade....rather than his previoulsy used family email id...which suddenly needed a password verification .

The connections were clear...earlier, he still had to keep his vows...and it was time to let that go for it's work was done. Hence, this issue came up for resolution. The solution was easily found after his energy work was complete...else, one can wonder how long it would have taken..maybe he would have to buy a new phone..or who knows what!

Sunday 24 September 2017

Signs and symbols

i have recently started a lot of distant healing sessions. As i sit in the verandah, there in front of me is a beautiful jackfruit tree...laden with fruit.
i enjoy the spirit and energy of this tree tremendously.
As i sat down, i noticed two fruits , like twins, stuck to each other ...

since a couple of weeks, i was working on a lifetime of mine in Egypt. It was healing of the divine feminine who was in deep shock at the irresposible acts of the men.
This sub personality was enlightened and knew and worked with Light energies. Hence, it took a while longer to heal her ....
in this process, i started noticing that one of the twin jackfruit had a face- a feminine face with eyes and brows and a was really there.  i knew it was a symbol of my divine masculine and divine feminine within me.
Over the next few days, as i healed that aspect within me, i noticed the female jackfruit had started rotting...literally rotting....i immediately recognised and connected the dots.

And one morning, i saw a beautiful squirrel going inside the rotten fruit and eating it up.

i smiled . The squirrel was a power animal for me. It represented the hand of God.
The symbolism was easy...i was being healed by the Creator himself and all is well. i smiled and waited...for the healing to get i did what i had to do.

Today, as i sat once again, in a session, the lady jackfruit, fell. Crashed down . i smiled.
i knew that aspect of mine was healed , whole and complete.
Gratitude and grace flowed.