Wednesday, 8 June 2011

the Babaji experience

After a beautiful day of healing with the Archangels, as they flitted about in the house..spreading their energies on all things seen and unseen, as i lay down on my bed..closing my eyes in meditation, i was transfigured into my higher self-Varaha. A series of earlier synchronicities had lead me to know a possible contact with the Great Mahaavataar was imminent. his voice rung in my consciousness as i called out to Him. As his benevolent self, he responded almost immediately, sending one of his messengers, my Beloved friend who i also know in this physical world, to take me to him. She looked ehereal..her auburn hair, lay in ringlets all around her, her face shone and her eyes...oh so beautiful!
With a sense of clear recognition, which i shall confirm asap in this world with her personality self, she held my hand and we lifted off the ground , soaring above into the clear skies as we headed north. I tried to look down at myself, to see how Varaha looked, however, a voice commented, "how can u see yourself?" I did notice the golden hair( a blonde!) and long flowing clothes made of the finest gossame silk in layers of whit and gold. I had to be satisfied with that!
       Soon, I could see the Himalayas loomin ahead...and we zoomed in in to the depths . At one of the hihest ranges, near the top..almost at the peak ..was a ledge. we landed there..a dark mouth ...the cave . She motioned to me to go inside...for Babaji had sent for me...we looked at each other, telepathically questionong her." wHere are you going?" She replied, " To get others silly."
   I smiled. I knew this about her...a long while ago. It was only now i connected.
I walked into the cave...and could see the glowing, intensely glowing eyes..and slowly, the light travelled down. It took a while for the entire form of Babaji to materialise..or rather, till my being could get used to that kind of Light.
  He smiled and welcomed me. i thanked him profusely. He said he has been watchin me. I bowed. And then i sat to his his golden energies started permeating in me. It was intense. Physically, i had frozen. And fully conscious, cud feel streams of golden microns infusing and running in each and every atom of the body.
     The infusions lasted for about 10 minutes...the whole experience for about 40 minutes.
At the end of the healing, i just got up and dived into his golden heart and emerged out from his third eys.
Flying out...from the cave ..into the sky..and landed back in my body. Took me a few minutes to physicalise completly.
   Its 12 16 am the home sleeps...i ly awakened. In my golden body. Already, the images of another visitation vaguely in my mind...for to enter there, i needed to be with the Deathless Master.

This is all I can consciouly recall..a lucid dream..

Signing off...till the next time.
In the law of the one,