Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Power of the chanted Mantras!

A Mantra...i have realised over my a sound made by the glueing together of syllables.

The language may be ancient Sanskrit .

Simple English .

An exotic Light Language- yes, the language of  civilizations which live beyond our the planets and stars. If one has yet to experience the latter's a must! I feel the need to share how as a child- maybe eight or two younger siblings, a very dear neighbour and me would speak the apparent " gibberish" language..for hours together. The expressions of these kids ( it was us...yet as i write, i can visually recall the memory and see these kids) were exaggerated. The hand gesticulations were dramatic. The body language was animated. The words ...had meaning. We were able to explain our games to each other...for often we decided, over the long summer days, that today, this will be the language of our communication. And so it was. And, oh! how we enjoyed it.
And i now know why! ( on a side, must thank my Mother...who always let us " BE" - these pure, innocent children who had very vivid memories of their starlight and heritage and were always allowed to do what we wanted. no questions asked. Rarely any controls imposed.)

Hmmm. Light Language. A reminder of our heritage- the longings of our Soul.

Mantras. My experience with them began after my marriage- especially my mother-in-law. She is proficient in her chantings and years of practice have made her renditions perfect. As i would listen to her, an inner stirring made me want to learn. Vishnu Sahastranam was the first series she taught me...and i took to it like the proverbial fish takes to water. i loved the feel of it...the power of it. As i would read the Sanskrit, i could see the letters swimming towards me..and could naturally understand the meaning...somehow.

The next few years, i learnt a variety of them...some with Ma's guidance...other's on my own. Gods and Goddesses. Buddhist Mantras. Whatever came my way- and trust me, when the desire is strong, a lot comes one's way!!!

An interesting thing which i unlocked along the way of my Mantra learning - was a hypnotherapy session. I was learning the science and in one of the sessions to unlock successful lifetimes, i accessed a lifetime  lead on the ghats of Benaras. It was one of intense sadhna - learning of the ancient Sanskrit texts- recitations and language. Meanings. The whole life lead in the pursuit of Mantras. As ennumerated in the holy Vedic texts. It was a bachelor life- no distractions of a regular family and society. Took the oath at the age of 12years. And the entire life amidst the sacred texts. This lifetime was superimposed on my current lifetime.

The results of this was that i was a natural at reading Sanskrit. Really. I could just tune in to any text and the words would come alive and i would recite it as if i always knew it. As if i had learnt it in this lifetime. Images of the deity..the meanings. Everything. It was simply fabulous. I remember the thrill...for it was only within me. As Varsha, i spent hours just exploring this new found resource...and enjoyed it.

During the course of a few years, i had recited Mantras of almost all the Gods and Goddesses of the Hindu pantheon. Enjoying the energies...each God /Goddess emitting different ones. Trying different days...on special days like a full moon. Hanuman Jayanti. Akshara Tithi. Somvati Amavasya. So many..wonderful experiences. As each set of mantras would unlock a portal- and the concerned deity would pour their energies within my Merkhaba. Some would make me cry, uncontrollably. i recall the first time i recided the mantras of Goddess Mahalaxmi...i sobbed and sobbed. For more than an hour. i can see myself - sitting in the corner of the children's room, crying as i recited the mantras alongwith the recorded version.

Certain mantras would energise me..and i would just get up and whirl- like a Sufi. the body would break out in dance movements and i had little control over it. i would allow the body to move to the Mantra. Exquisite.

Some would lull me into sleep.

A beautiful series i mastered were the Zodiac Mantras...a set of deities who were aligned with a particular Zodiac. Over the years, i imbued all the zodiac deities- the effect can be seen by a clairvoyant - in my aura. I really wish all could experience this.

The potency of a mantra can only be felt by one if one experiences it enough to unlock the portal and allow it to BE you. Please, experience it. Intellectual knowlege is imperitive. However, only it's conversion into experiential one can achieve it's full benefits.

So , let's do it!!!


The dark vs. the light!

Last night was the third time it has hapenned to me...twice in Bangalore in my own home and once in Hospet. Even after the first experience,there was never a doubt in my mind that it was "real" as in an occurence in the psychic world...and it s repeated occurences has banished any ghosts, if they existed at all, unknown to my conscious mind.
    As the Light within the heart increases, one becomes like a flame in the darkness of space, attracting all sorts of characters and not all of them are savoury!
    I have noticed a pattern in my journey. Whenever I am on the brink of an important moment in time, when the jump into the next zone is imminent, these episodes occur. Clear attempts made by the dark forces (for they have wilfully shunned the Light, and hence belong to the Dark! So, guess the Star Wars are true after all!) to put a spammer in my wheel! And, I have to mention, each time they have failed! Whew! Praise Be The Lord!
   Let me elucidate the experiences and then You can draw from them whatever you find worthy..

Episode 1: Location : My Library in the Bangalore home
                 Time: around 12:30 a.m.
 All is peaceful and quiet. The members in my home are fast asleep as i sit on my computer, working. it was a sort of a meditative "work " experience as i was being led from site to site...and reading what came up. i knew at that point , that the material being shared by me was "shifting" me into finer dimensions...totally engrossed.
Suddenly, there was a horrible clanging, as if a 100 tin vessels have been dropped somewhere down. There is no exageration. It was loud. And the echoes verberated , as if all had been thrown at once and each piece creating its own "clanging" notes. After what seemed a while, all was quiet.
    As i heard the first clang, for a nanosecond, my instinct was to runin my room and hug sid, leaving whatever i was doing! However, my presence of mind and the inner voice within made me alert and i remained glued to my know, when such events happen, its like i enter the no-time zone..its a weird feeling...almost like what they show in some the Leonardo one on the mind. Everything halts and goes in slow motion. i am intensely aware and alert. The voice in my head become strong. I am totally present.I take a deep breath and the fear that i spot somewhere in my heart...i surround it with a bright, whit light. It s like the cicle of light engulfs the inner darker fear and completely extinguishes it.
      That s it. I continue my work...and move into the next realm...understanding and realising what hapenned..more aware in this world.

Episode 2: Location : My home in Hospet
                  Time: around 1:30 a.m.
i had been meditating since 11 p.m. was an intense one and as often it happens, one becomes wide awake and alert if all the cells are abuzzed and alit. My visit to Hospet on that ocassion was alone..except for the staff at home. Generally, i am fine sleepin by myself in the night...however, that eve my mother-in-law called and told me to call in a maid . i have learnt to flow with the knowledge that one should not obstruct things/events/people/suggestions....and as she mentioned it to me, i accepted it without a single thought in my mind and did the needful. Boy! Was i glad i followed the flow of synchroncity.
           What followed was the single most horrifying awoke me sweating and almost screaming. A lesson was also reiterated to me for i had a habit of leaving aura or the chakra from which i was It consciously has to be closed after meditation and there is a method to it.
         That morning, in the zone of the "darkest period " , my aura was open and while reading a book, i fell asleep (the maid sleeping  in my room). What hapenned was what is elucidated and beautifully illustrated in Amar Chitra Kathas ( comics i have spent countless hours with while growing up). Three red eyed Rakshas...yes! they were that! exactly as pictured in the bks...pot bellied, gold jewellry and the horned crowns. They instil raw fear in you. What followed is unworthy of elucidation...all i can write is that it was horrifying. And i thank Ma for ensuring that i was not alone. As i awoke, screaming, the presence of the lady sleepin on the floor was grounding. i immediately realised what was hapening in a second and taking a deep breath of power, i went back into the mind zone.  i donned my Divinity, and with intense force, dissipated the rakshasas into ashes. That s exactly how it happens. The rays of power emanated from the third eye and dissolved them into ashes. Everything normalised in my inner world...the golden hued dimension. All was well. All my bodies returned to their original Divine blueprint . i closed my aura and fell into deep sleep.
Morning, i was ready to "be" once again...endowed with more power and wisdom.
   Kodoish kodoish kodoish!
Adonai Tsebayath!

An excerpt on this topic by Goddess Isis: (chanelled ny Petra)

Isis, Are there really dark energies?           

As you look at all this from a human standpoint, you see a difference between positive and negative, as you see it as either dark or light.

From a spiritual point there is no such thing as positive or negative, or dark or light.
 When a person says the dark energy is an illusion, they are right factually.

When they say love will conquer it all, they are wrong factually.

If dark energies are an illusion from a human point of view, then light energies are an illusion as well from a human point of view.

You cannot say one does exist and the other doesn't.
As your awareness changes you see energies in different ways.
Does this mean there are no beings that can attack you?
There are beings that like to control and as I explained in my previous message every movement of energy has an effect.

Is it an attack?

From a human point of view it can be seen that way, even from a spiritual point of view it can be seen that way, as other beings are forcing you in a direction you have not chosen.

At that point it becomes your choice to fight the movement or allow the movement that is happening.

This is where we see the difference between the ones that are merely allowing things to happen and others that are actively working on what is happening.

The ones allowing things to happen, are usually not working on creating greater awareness of the whole picture.
They follow within the flow that is created by the ones that are actively making things happen by creating a greater awareness of the full picture.

This is where many get disappointed as there is not much support for the ones that are pulling up the ones that follow.

You can see it this way. There is a small group of beings upon earth climbing up the mountain. As they climb they place markers along the road for others to follow.

Many follow these markers without really knowing who placed those markers.

What if that small group would stop placing markers?
Many would be lost once again as they have not worked on opening their own awareness and are relying upon the awareness of others.
Much of what is being revealed as this time is being ignored as many are following the easy route of following the markers.

They do not seek a greater understanding, unless the understanding is one that they feel agrees with their belief system of a creator or other beings that are there to do everything for them.

But as you move further along the mountain you will realize that the markers are becoming less clear, and at one point you will lose sight of the markers. This because you have not raised your frequency, have not gained a greater understanding and awakened your own consciousness.

You are taking advantage of the work of this small group that is working on actively creating what is happening within your reality at this moment.

Everything that is happening, the new energies coming in, portals being opened and much more is the work of a small group of humans working on earth.

Like I explained energy moves and it moves at all times, to create something you will have to learn how to move the energy, and then really move the energy.

This is what many do not understand as they are focused on a belief system where everything is given to them, instead of creating it themselve

Yes creation is energy movement and you will actually have to move the energy to create.

Now this is the simple explanation as always as the ones that are opening up into a greater awareness will see that yes it is simply moving energy, but which way to move it in the overall picture is something else.

To think it is as simple as just sending light is like I explained a form of thinking that does not apply as many still see a difference between light and dark.

To create, all available energy is used to move and create. There is no difference between light and dark as it is all one energy.

When you shut out the existence of one type of energy from the human perspective, you will as a result shut of part of the energy available to create.


Saturday, 9 July 2011

Sanat and kodaicanal

Has anyone wondered why do many places of worship have an  accompanied water body? The thought had crossed my mind. While reading a beautiful Book titled "the Lemurian Scrolls", the reasoning was revealed. There is a method by which all learning, teachings rituals, history and whatever one wants can be preserved in the ether for ever.And this etheric library is sort of located above the water body.
    Once stored, it remains forever, accessible to anyone who can read them..with their third eye. Sounds fairy simple.
   The vision of going to Kodaicanal was occurring too often to go unnoticed. As usual, kept my ears and eyes opened to spot the signs and the synchronicity for we were in the process of planning the long summer vacations.And the visit was planned smoothly,even though it was not the most convenient option. I could immediately feel the build up of subtle excitement for i could feel something was in the anvil.
    The realisation that the hills of Kodaikanal were actually those of Lord Murugan, none other than an aspect of the Lord of the world, Sanat Kumara dawned on me and the anticipation of visiting the Karttikeyan temple grew. If only i knew!
    Settling in the house with the family...i got into the routine of daily meditation, walks around the beautiful lake and riding , bicycling and being with the family. The temple was three hours down the hills...the plains were hot. The hills were very cool. We were to leave the next morning for Darshan..when i started noticing the members dropping out of the proposed visit..for some reason or the other. Hmm. What is in store?
    Mummy and me decided to do it alone...all the time, i was alert..wondering how and why this sudden change of plans was happening. You see, one has to always  a river..for she surely knows her course. After innumerable meandering, she does always reach her ocean. Its when we create our Dams of  apparent reasoning...all from the mind, which we know can play all kinds of we loose course.
i have realised this and practise moving with the flow consciously..with the least obstructions. And trust me, it works beautiful.
  So, i watched for the signs. And, the evening before, the men put their foot down firmly...citing practical reasonings. i remember looking at mom..offering no resistance and she said, " Baby, if the men feel so strongly, let us not upset them by going against their wishes."  Hmm. At that point, a possible reaction would be of revolt..resistance... feelings of "not fair" and all that jazz. Well. guess what! i ve been here many a time before and i decided to ...ya, go with the flow. And i just thought and said...(for saying something and thinking something else does the damage anyways)....Okay. lets cancel it. And so it was.
     The next morning, the day we were to be at the temple,  set out for a walk...coincidentally alone. But remember..."there are no coincidences!"  As i walked alone, my heart cried out to lord Sanat Kumara..for he is the oversoul of Lord Karttikeya. Why have you called me all the way here..and now, refusing darshan?
What is the reason this is hapenning? i have been seeing you in my meditations...reading about you, feelign your presence and guidance since the past months...and now, when i can actually come in your ray presence, in the physical manifestation of your are denying me your darshan....and on and on and on. i kept on talking in my mind..asking again and again and again.
      As i walked and questioned..a voice inside me told me look left.And i slowly turned. And what i witnessed was the most spectacular sight ever. Words fail me. in fact, this language does not have the vocabulary to describe the depth of the experience. ( at times, i feel , this sounds so shallow, while the experience itself is so vast and deep) . Or is it that I need to brush up! ill do that anyways for in this path, all fingers point at you!
   Whatever it is..lemme try and explain what occurred.
  The kodi lake is amoeba shape...with the centre of the lake really deep. The centre of the lake is almost marked..if one looks carefully. As i turned my face towards the centre..i could see a massive etheric statue of lord Hanuman..emerging from the lake. I frowned, looked down, took a deep breath and then looked again...right there in the centre...was emerging the golden statue. He carried a Gada in his right hand..and stood massive in the centre. i wondered why he was ensure that my 3d personality is well protected in this world.  Your lower 4 bodies are completely protected by my orange ray.
   okay. I bowed in reverence, extending my gratitude and acknowledging His presence and reassurance. Then his statue just vaporised and I looked in front, walking and trying to digest and assimilate the experience.Hmm. Well, this is what the Lemurians meant. I know understand.(i had read the book just a few months ago).
    Must have walked a few more minutes..mind totally blank yet alert, emotions in control..if one could read it on the would be a straight blank line....and this time, no voice...just my head turned naturally to witness another emergence. From the depths of the lake arose the Lord of the World...his shape being first of the young, beautiful murugan..smiling and then transformed into the lord Sanat kumara..older and Manly. The height of the statues i presume would be about a 10 or 12 stories high...and i bowed. a voice boomed in my ears you know why u dont always have to go to the temple? im here too.
 i smiled...a deep satisfying one...and bowed in reverence. what else could i do?
As i walked..the lake turned so that i faced him..a golden ray emanated from his third eye and locked into mine. It was so visual. It was totally alive. It was so powerful. My head went back a bit as i received it. I felt like one of the puppets..on a string..guided by the Lord. I continued walking and the ray moved with me...locked as i was with his third ye. Beams and bursts of energy...sparkling gold with diamonds and gems...i kept on deep breathing...gentle breaths , just soaking in the experience. Feeling more alive than ever..alert...buzzing. oh! i need to brush up my vocab!
     Time stood still...just like one sees in movies..the world around disappered as i walked, oblivious to the outside. ( later, i understood why my family , ofcourse at the last minute had things to do and so, i was walking alone! things to do on a holiday at 7 in the mornin! right! the way The Lord s work. This just reaffirmed my belief in the practise of flowing with the current)
      As soon as i completed one circlambulation of the lake...exactly reachin ghte spot where i started...the ray was switched off! Took a deep breath and looked in his direction..He smiled and said...u even took a parikrama of me1 Did you really need to go to the temple?
   I smiled. took a deep breath Soaked the experience. When i looked back...he was gone.
I walked into the house and watched the kids play in the garden. "hi Mom! how was your walk?" " Lovely."
    " came just in time...the breakfast is laid", said my Mother. I walked in..saying my good mornings to all as we settled in to a beautiful day ahead.  

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

the Babaji experience

After a beautiful day of healing with the Archangels, as they flitted about in the house..spreading their energies on all things seen and unseen, as i lay down on my bed..closing my eyes in meditation, i was transfigured into my higher self-Varaha. A series of earlier synchronicities had lead me to know a possible contact with the Great Mahaavataar was imminent. his voice rung in my consciousness as i called out to Him. As his benevolent self, he responded almost immediately, sending one of his messengers, my Beloved friend who i also know in this physical world, to take me to him. She looked ehereal..her auburn hair, lay in ringlets all around her, her face shone and her eyes...oh so beautiful!
With a sense of clear recognition, which i shall confirm asap in this world with her personality self, she held my hand and we lifted off the ground , soaring above into the clear skies as we headed north. I tried to look down at myself, to see how Varaha looked, however, a voice commented, "how can u see yourself?" I did notice the golden hair( a blonde!) and long flowing clothes made of the finest gossame silk in layers of whit and gold. I had to be satisfied with that!
       Soon, I could see the Himalayas loomin ahead...and we zoomed in in to the depths . At one of the hihest ranges, near the top..almost at the peak ..was a ledge. we landed there..a dark mouth ...the cave . She motioned to me to go inside...for Babaji had sent for me...we looked at each other, telepathically questionong her." wHere are you going?" She replied, " To get others silly."
   I smiled. I knew this about her...a long while ago. It was only now i connected.
I walked into the cave...and could see the glowing, intensely glowing eyes..and slowly, the light travelled down. It took a while for the entire form of Babaji to materialise..or rather, till my being could get used to that kind of Light.
  He smiled and welcomed me. i thanked him profusely. He said he has been watchin me. I bowed. And then i sat to his his golden energies started permeating in me. It was intense. Physically, i had frozen. And fully conscious, cud feel streams of golden microns infusing and running in each and every atom of the body.
     The infusions lasted for about 10 minutes...the whole experience for about 40 minutes.
At the end of the healing, i just got up and dived into his golden heart and emerged out from his third eys.
Flying out...from the cave ..into the sky..and landed back in my body. Took me a few minutes to physicalise completly.
   Its 12 16 am the home sleeps...i ly awakened. In my golden body. Already, the images of another visitation vaguely in my mind...for to enter there, i needed to be with the Deathless Master.

This is all I can consciouly recall..a lucid dream..

Signing off...till the next time.
In the law of the one,