Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Soul Contracts, Agreements and Vows

OMG! I'm amazed ...yet again. And so thankful and grateful and expansive ....yet again.
The universe is so simple...as simple as YOU want to make it for yourself. And has all the signs and symbols a Soul needs to decode- a mathematical word for HEAL...for those who prefer that!
It really is the same!

Once again...want to share, what i term as those little miracles in daily life, which reconfirm the presence of the invisible...reconfirm the concept of how the flutter of a butterfly's wing in Lagos, affects the movement of a flower in Tokoyo. Reconfirm how our past acts, deeds and thoughts affect the presence and by using  sheer intelligence ( one of the many ways one can pursue), and the basic questions of how, what and why.....lifetimes of energy entanglements can be sorted into clear, beautiful energy lines of love and light and power.

The following is an incident in the life of a seeker, who came to me and we decoded and smoothed old contracts made, for they were no longer needed and valid.

IT IS TRUE. You may have heard somewhere, sometime...Be careful of what u say...it just might ring true.

The following experience proves, beyond doubt, how each and every statement made by a person..is a bound contract which can be ended only by oneself. The story below is in retrospective....

A seeker suddenly noticed a strange thing on his iphone. One fine day, The App store on it's phone needed an email verification sent to a phone number...which was no longer his. It was strange.  The email was an old one which he no longer used. So, he could not update his Apps as he could not access his App store. Something needed to be done. Also, he noticed, that this old email was one created as a "commom" one between his wife and two kids, many years back...and no one used it now.

This seeker knew...all things outside were a reflection of all things within. He had done enough self work to know how things sort themselves in the outer world when the energy entanglements are cleared, healed, understood....in the "inner world".

In a regression session, it was seen how all these four souls were closely connected ( the husband, the wife and the two kids). They had taken multiple births together, exploring different themes and aiding each other...in myriad ways. As with Soul's who incarnate as family, there are somethings called
"unauthorised cords", "spoken and unspoken vows as well as contracts and agreements".

How many time have we heard lovers promising to each other...we shall ALWAYS be together! Mother's promising their kids...I will forever take care of You....the list is endless...even with close friends and sometimes, with glamorous personalities as well! ( Fans screaming...i ll die for You nd what else!!!!)

Well, here was a case of one of the four souls who had vowed to help the other three in their growth for as long as it was recquired. This soul was the one which, in the now, came up with the issue with the phone upgrades.
He immediately understood that an upgrade on his phone..which was it's method of communicating, as well as storing, referencing, googling, mapping..and whatever else he did on his phone...was getting blocked and needed immediate resolution.Before his session,  he called up the Apple customer service and spent 4 hours on the phone, trying to sort out the issue...the final recommendation was to back up and restore the phone to it's original settings and hope this issue sorts it out!Ofcourse it did not! which is when he came for a session to clear his energy lines.

The session entailed a classic case of the cutting of unauthorised cored with the other three souls as well as breaking of agreements, vows and promises that this particular soul had made to the other three. This came out clearly..after the intent of the session was decide to sort out this phone dilemma.
The session was completed and the client walked out...knowing fully well that by the nightfall, his phone wold be bak online...with it's upgrades.

And this is exactly what hapenned. He called the Apple customer support again, which now came up with newer solutions to resolve the issue...the steps flowed...one into the other...and finally, the soul had to use only his personal id to log in and upgrade....rather than his previoulsy used family email id...which suddenly needed a password verification .

The connections were clear...earlier, he still had to keep his vows...and it was time to let that go for it's work was done. Hence, this issue came up for resolution. The solution was easily found after his energy work was complete...else, one can wonder how long it would have taken..maybe he would have to buy a new phone..or who knows what!