Saturday, 9 July 2011

Sanat and kodaicanal

Has anyone wondered why do many places of worship have an  accompanied water body? The thought had crossed my mind. While reading a beautiful Book titled "the Lemurian Scrolls", the reasoning was revealed. There is a method by which all learning, teachings rituals, history and whatever one wants can be preserved in the ether for ever.And this etheric library is sort of located above the water body.
    Once stored, it remains forever, accessible to anyone who can read them..with their third eye. Sounds fairy simple.
   The vision of going to Kodaicanal was occurring too often to go unnoticed. As usual, kept my ears and eyes opened to spot the signs and the synchronicity for we were in the process of planning the long summer vacations.And the visit was planned smoothly,even though it was not the most convenient option. I could immediately feel the build up of subtle excitement for i could feel something was in the anvil.
    The realisation that the hills of Kodaikanal were actually those of Lord Murugan, none other than an aspect of the Lord of the world, Sanat Kumara dawned on me and the anticipation of visiting the Karttikeyan temple grew. If only i knew!
    Settling in the house with the family...i got into the routine of daily meditation, walks around the beautiful lake and riding , bicycling and being with the family. The temple was three hours down the hills...the plains were hot. The hills were very cool. We were to leave the next morning for Darshan..when i started noticing the members dropping out of the proposed visit..for some reason or the other. Hmm. What is in store?
    Mummy and me decided to do it alone...all the time, i was alert..wondering how and why this sudden change of plans was happening. You see, one has to always  a river..for she surely knows her course. After innumerable meandering, she does always reach her ocean. Its when we create our Dams of  apparent reasoning...all from the mind, which we know can play all kinds of we loose course.
i have realised this and practise moving with the flow consciously..with the least obstructions. And trust me, it works beautiful.
  So, i watched for the signs. And, the evening before, the men put their foot down firmly...citing practical reasonings. i remember looking at mom..offering no resistance and she said, " Baby, if the men feel so strongly, let us not upset them by going against their wishes."  Hmm. At that point, a possible reaction would be of revolt..resistance... feelings of "not fair" and all that jazz. Well. guess what! i ve been here many a time before and i decided to ...ya, go with the flow. And i just thought and said...(for saying something and thinking something else does the damage anyways)....Okay. lets cancel it. And so it was.
     The next morning, the day we were to be at the temple,  set out for a walk...coincidentally alone. But remember..."there are no coincidences!"  As i walked alone, my heart cried out to lord Sanat Kumara..for he is the oversoul of Lord Karttikeya. Why have you called me all the way here..and now, refusing darshan?
What is the reason this is hapenning? i have been seeing you in my meditations...reading about you, feelign your presence and guidance since the past months...and now, when i can actually come in your ray presence, in the physical manifestation of your are denying me your darshan....and on and on and on. i kept on talking in my mind..asking again and again and again.
      As i walked and questioned..a voice inside me told me look left.And i slowly turned. And what i witnessed was the most spectacular sight ever. Words fail me. in fact, this language does not have the vocabulary to describe the depth of the experience. ( at times, i feel , this sounds so shallow, while the experience itself is so vast and deep) . Or is it that I need to brush up! ill do that anyways for in this path, all fingers point at you!
   Whatever it is..lemme try and explain what occurred.
  The kodi lake is amoeba shape...with the centre of the lake really deep. The centre of the lake is almost marked..if one looks carefully. As i turned my face towards the centre..i could see a massive etheric statue of lord Hanuman..emerging from the lake. I frowned, looked down, took a deep breath and then looked again...right there in the centre...was emerging the golden statue. He carried a Gada in his right hand..and stood massive in the centre. i wondered why he was ensure that my 3d personality is well protected in this world.  Your lower 4 bodies are completely protected by my orange ray.
   okay. I bowed in reverence, extending my gratitude and acknowledging His presence and reassurance. Then his statue just vaporised and I looked in front, walking and trying to digest and assimilate the experience.Hmm. Well, this is what the Lemurians meant. I know understand.(i had read the book just a few months ago).
    Must have walked a few more minutes..mind totally blank yet alert, emotions in control..if one could read it on the would be a straight blank line....and this time, no voice...just my head turned naturally to witness another emergence. From the depths of the lake arose the Lord of the World...his shape being first of the young, beautiful murugan..smiling and then transformed into the lord Sanat kumara..older and Manly. The height of the statues i presume would be about a 10 or 12 stories high...and i bowed. a voice boomed in my ears you know why u dont always have to go to the temple? im here too.
 i smiled...a deep satisfying one...and bowed in reverence. what else could i do?
As i walked..the lake turned so that i faced him..a golden ray emanated from his third eye and locked into mine. It was so visual. It was totally alive. It was so powerful. My head went back a bit as i received it. I felt like one of the puppets..on a string..guided by the Lord. I continued walking and the ray moved with me...locked as i was with his third ye. Beams and bursts of energy...sparkling gold with diamonds and gems...i kept on deep breathing...gentle breaths , just soaking in the experience. Feeling more alive than ever..alert...buzzing. oh! i need to brush up my vocab!
     Time stood still...just like one sees in movies..the world around disappered as i walked, oblivious to the outside. ( later, i understood why my family , ofcourse at the last minute had things to do and so, i was walking alone! things to do on a holiday at 7 in the mornin! right! the way The Lord s work. This just reaffirmed my belief in the practise of flowing with the current)
      As soon as i completed one circlambulation of the lake...exactly reachin ghte spot where i started...the ray was switched off! Took a deep breath and looked in his direction..He smiled and said...u even took a parikrama of me1 Did you really need to go to the temple?
   I smiled. took a deep breath Soaked the experience. When i looked back...he was gone.
I walked into the house and watched the kids play in the garden. "hi Mom! how was your walk?" " Lovely."
    " came just in time...the breakfast is laid", said my Mother. I walked in..saying my good mornings to all as we settled in to a beautiful day ahead.