Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The Wattage of one's energy field

So, as one walks along...sometimes jogs or rests and maybe runs ...engaging more and more in actions, deeds, thoughts and activities which increase one' s energy field...lots of changes happen in and around the physical reality.

I, for one, like to test my progress in the physical world...for i know that progress has to reflect in the outside world- as within, so without.

The other day, i was walking in my favorite park- one which, due to some legal hassles, has been left untouched- and how i thank the Heavens for it!!! This , btw, restores my belief in the adage- the glass is always half full! There is always a positve to every situation.
      The unkept mud pathway, the trees and plants growing unmanicured...and the resultant lack of walker's ...;).....allow me to experience the energies of a mini jungle in the middle of the city!
How thankful am i !!!!
       And this morning, as i embarked upon my oxygen replenshing, Gaia - grounding , rejuvenating walk...i felt my energy field around me- boundaried in a bubble and quite intense. The previous evening and night, it had rained quite heavily. The pathway was littered with blown leaves and twigs- there was even a thick branch lying across - i had to hop over it. The fallout of the rains are mosquitoes. And there were plenty this morning.
        Hmm ...thought me. Should i walk here? Or maybe just go to a " safer, mosquito free cemented pathway around he block?
         The researcher in me awakened. i was already feeling the intensity of my energy field around me. i cud see the mosquitoes. Bits of knowledge surfaced in my mind...one attracts mosquitoes and they bite if one carries violent thoughts in one's energybody/ or has unsettled Karma towards the animal world. Flashes of photographic memories wherein i had read how people cud repel with the positive power of intention. The methods to increase/energise one's energy field.
       Summer holidays were on. No schedules. An open day...and i cud spend as much time in the park as i wished.
       i found a mud spot in the middle of the park..where the Sun was shining...it was the perfect spot.
i sat down. Quietly. And observed.
    Working on my breathing techniques- to increase my field...i watched as a few mosquitoes came flying towards me. My exposed ankles and 80per cent of my arms...and my black tracks.
    i connected with the mosquitoes- mind to mind- looking at one which was hovering around my left ankle. Before this, i had checked my mind- and ensured all mindsets about the fears of mosquito bites were busted- dengue and malaria and disease. i carried no fear.
      As i connected with this tiny guy- first i thanked him for coming to me and mind messaged him (clearly it was a he) that he could feed off my energy field which was thick with prana. Then, i apologised and ho'o'ponoed to him for all the mosquitoes which i must have killed- in this life and before- without realisation at times and many times, with the intention of killing arising out of a fear.
      As i saw the mosquito, sitting on my left, black track- the moment froze and he just watched me. I knew he had listened..and then i requested him to send the message to his community. i was ready to repay my karma to the mosquito world- and was ready to be bitten- if that is what was recquired.
     i offered my prana as payment. There was stillness. i saw a few mosquitoes swarm around me...and felt a couple of bites on my exposed arms. There were a couple on my left ankle- just sitting. i was in complete stillness, consciously radiating prana, consciously mantraing Ho'o'ponopono...bringing in the Laws of the Universe- of oneness, of love, of redemption.
     And then, the miracle hapenned.
As i sat there, they all flew off...timed together! And left me alone.
       i was thankful and grateful....to myself, to my Teacher's , to the Creator, to the mosquito kingdom... and everything else. i finished my communion with Mother Earth...and gently arose, walking back to my resplendent home.
       my experiment was a success.


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