Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Power of the chanted Mantras!

A Mantra...i have realised over my a sound made by the glueing together of syllables.

The language may be ancient Sanskrit .

Simple English .

An exotic Light Language- yes, the language of  civilizations which live beyond our the planets and stars. If one has yet to experience the latter's a must! I feel the need to share how as a child- maybe eight or two younger siblings, a very dear neighbour and me would speak the apparent " gibberish" language..for hours together. The expressions of these kids ( it was us...yet as i write, i can visually recall the memory and see these kids) were exaggerated. The hand gesticulations were dramatic. The body language was animated. The words ...had meaning. We were able to explain our games to each other...for often we decided, over the long summer days, that today, this will be the language of our communication. And so it was. And, oh! how we enjoyed it.
And i now know why! ( on a side, must thank my Mother...who always let us " BE" - these pure, innocent children who had very vivid memories of their starlight and heritage and were always allowed to do what we wanted. no questions asked. Rarely any controls imposed.)

Hmmm. Light Language. A reminder of our heritage- the longings of our Soul.

Mantras. My experience with them began after my marriage- especially my mother-in-law. She is proficient in her chantings and years of practice have made her renditions perfect. As i would listen to her, an inner stirring made me want to learn. Vishnu Sahastranam was the first series she taught me...and i took to it like the proverbial fish takes to water. i loved the feel of it...the power of it. As i would read the Sanskrit, i could see the letters swimming towards me..and could naturally understand the meaning...somehow.

The next few years, i learnt a variety of them...some with Ma's guidance...other's on my own. Gods and Goddesses. Buddhist Mantras. Whatever came my way- and trust me, when the desire is strong, a lot comes one's way!!!

An interesting thing which i unlocked along the way of my Mantra learning - was a hypnotherapy session. I was learning the science and in one of the sessions to unlock successful lifetimes, i accessed a lifetime  lead on the ghats of Benaras. It was one of intense sadhna - learning of the ancient Sanskrit texts- recitations and language. Meanings. The whole life lead in the pursuit of Mantras. As ennumerated in the holy Vedic texts. It was a bachelor life- no distractions of a regular family and society. Took the oath at the age of 12years. And the entire life amidst the sacred texts. This lifetime was superimposed on my current lifetime.

The results of this was that i was a natural at reading Sanskrit. Really. I could just tune in to any text and the words would come alive and i would recite it as if i always knew it. As if i had learnt it in this lifetime. Images of the deity..the meanings. Everything. It was simply fabulous. I remember the thrill...for it was only within me. As Varsha, i spent hours just exploring this new found resource...and enjoyed it.

During the course of a few years, i had recited Mantras of almost all the Gods and Goddesses of the Hindu pantheon. Enjoying the energies...each God /Goddess emitting different ones. Trying different days...on special days like a full moon. Hanuman Jayanti. Akshara Tithi. Somvati Amavasya. So many..wonderful experiences. As each set of mantras would unlock a portal- and the concerned deity would pour their energies within my Merkhaba. Some would make me cry, uncontrollably. i recall the first time i recided the mantras of Goddess Mahalaxmi...i sobbed and sobbed. For more than an hour. i can see myself - sitting in the corner of the children's room, crying as i recited the mantras alongwith the recorded version.

Certain mantras would energise me..and i would just get up and whirl- like a Sufi. the body would break out in dance movements and i had little control over it. i would allow the body to move to the Mantra. Exquisite.

Some would lull me into sleep.

A beautiful series i mastered were the Zodiac Mantras...a set of deities who were aligned with a particular Zodiac. Over the years, i imbued all the zodiac deities- the effect can be seen by a clairvoyant - in my aura. I really wish all could experience this.

The potency of a mantra can only be felt by one if one experiences it enough to unlock the portal and allow it to BE you. Please, experience it. Intellectual knowlege is imperitive. However, only it's conversion into experiential one can achieve it's full benefits.

So , let's do it!!!


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