Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Mind Zone..and it's entrapments.

        The Matrix...and the need to disconnect.
    The entrappings of the can live in this zone for lifetimes...and maybe not know off it! 

            The role if a hypnotherapist i have embodied in this lifetime has allowed me to explore, pry and try and understand the zone of the s expansiveness, its reality, it's potentials....every new session i encounter..i am left with a new understanding- a feeling and an amazement, "Oh! Even this is possible!". Kinda " aisa bhi hota hai!"  
          The movie Inception somewhat brings this to light for it clearly states how any idea in a mind can create a reality..and that idea need not be one's can be implanted. Religious books have expounded this..we may have heard of random stories..and the experience is completely different when one encounters it and sees it in person. I guess, this is the difference between knowing and knowledge. It 's vast.
         To make it simpler, i will write as if the experience has hapenned with me.
   A horrible headache. And the complete inability to control one's thoughts and if it's not mine anymore! ( but first, we need to know and understand...what is mine!)  This started troubling me to an extent that i seeked professional help for nothing would relieve me. The causes were inexplicable. And it was bringing forth in me feelings of fear, an alien feeling. 
    What came forth in a hypnotherapy session was a scenario from a sci-fi movie. Wow! A different world...a planet of single celled beings with group consciousness who were at the lowest rungs of the development ladder..their only function replicate and exist. And for that, they needed energy. The planet on which they lived did not have an alive star of their own. Hence, they needed to "feed' off the energies of other planetary beings. Almost no individuality..except that the will to survive helped them create these grids or highways lines which they spread around to nearby solar systems which had either their own Sun or higher life.  
      these energy grids..much like the electricity grids we on earth have...would suck up energy and pulse them back to their planet. They survive. 
   ( As i read back, it sounds like the crazed mind of a sci-fi author...and makes me wonder, were they actually that or just reporting back from unseen zones. new perspectives. Time to shatter old beliefs which no longer can survive.)
    How did these parasitic lines connect with human minds...? I would like to explain simply by saying that like disease causing germs which attack weaker immune systems and jump from one to another depending on the vulnerabilty of the physical body, these 'mind -energy sucking grids also enter the energy system of a human 's mental body system at a moment of weakness. Like the pranic healers know, a burst of anger or a moment of extreme negative thought, a green notion of jealousy or the red devil of hate...all cause a momentary break in the boundaries of the mental body ...and in enter the tentacles of the energy-sucking matrix ( if they happen to be in the vicinity). Silently. The victim is unaware. The symptoms..inexplicable headaches which do not have organic origins...allopathy does not have a cure! Simply because the roots lie in the mental mind and not in the physical body. 
                  Thus, this energy -sucking line entered my mind ( to make it simple) and has been constantly living off my mind power. How does it affect me as a human? Well, i cannot make full use of my menatl faculties for i dont have a control over my memory gaps or blankness, incoherence, wavering mind, inability to could be any or all and more of such symptoms.
         i could have decided to live with it...and could have. Then again, decide to find out whats hapenning with an open mind.
   Beware! My thoughts can easily be manupilated. for e.g., one day i think...enough is enough! Lemme try the hypnotherapist...and immediately a counter thought...what nonsense! It s gibberish!
  What does one do then? Which thought is the real, mine one? Then comes the "listening to your heart" bit...for only that is the lighthouse beamer in the sea of darkness. 
       i decide to go and suddenly, my chauffeur dosent show up! Or i get a call from friend for a luncheon date. Any one of these scenarios is possible. They are just testing your own personal mind power..your belief in yourself viv-avis the belief system of another human...for you may have confided in your mother and she puh-puhes the idea for "You will be wasting money and time!"   
     Well. We all have to choose for ourselves at all times. 
  i choose to go, despite all invisible oppositions. And voila! i discover this. 
The session enables me to go to the moment of weakness and see the line entering my system. Wow!
         an intense session ensues...for which life form wants to give over control? ( do us humans as a species want to ?) The skill of the therapist is put to test. And just as a surgeon cuts off the malignant tumour to restore the physical body, the therapist cuts, sutures and heals my mental body system.  
       That's it. the virulent species no longer have any control over this life stream. Their energy lines are cut off. What happens to none of our concern...for defence is our right. Offence needs to be adressed. And it is. This body, in a time of 24 hrs...releases all symptoms and the headache, needless to say, disappears.
                      What else is there to write? 
  Know your own self. 
Know your mind...for only then can we differentiate between what is ours and someone else's. 
  for clearly, from the onset, i knew that this headache "was not mine"

Kodoish! Kodoish! kodoish!
Adonai Tsebayoth!

In the law of the One,



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