Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Expansion.

Hmmm. Have been toying with the theme of this blog since a while...and wondering how do i write this? What is the reference point? At times, a teeny weeny doubt somewhere in the deepest,( probably darkest corner) of my brain...who would believe me? And then, a resounding my head ofcourse...since when do I consider that to be a deterrent! Followers of  "The Path" have to ,at innumerable  ocassions , bypass such "other people and what they will think " thought! So, i have hurdled it once again and wish to share a mighty unbelievable, yet true...experience i had around Christmas, last year. And, must mention, people have been having since time was created!
                 i meditate..sometimes for many hours in a day. Since a while, i have  consciously been in my body and stay in it while experiencing different the form of light, rays, feelings or  light beings.
        On one such ocassions, in Hospet, as i sat in a beautiful garden..under a ....well, not a Bodhi Tree.. a jamun one, the early hours of the morning...the setting, i guess, was perfect. After doing some chakra cleaning and grounding meditations...somethin ( my higher self or I AM itself) directed me to work with the energies of Gaia. And i started connecting with her...till i could feel myself completely intertwined with her. i could feel my body swaying to the beats of a base instrument which was playing somewhere in the background. As i turned towards it, i could see a no. of people..tribals of some sort, dancing in a circle, the middle of which had a large, glowing fire. A shamanic ritual.
        naturally, i found myself joining the circle and moving rhythmically to the beats of the mesmerising music.
Went into a complete trance..already in one! i guess, it just got deeper.
    At some point, i found myself sitting down in vajraasana...on my knees with outstretched arms on the floor...and as i uncurled up...i found my hands together , as if in a snake like posture..staring in the large flames of the fire.
    What ensued next...was magical.(need a new vocabulary!) In the fire, materialised a large snake..reminding me of the Sheshnag. It even had a crown...and then, it differentiated into 7, forked tongues and golden crowns..shiny, black eyes piercing mine! It swayed to the beating drums and then started rising...just rising...arising from the fire and growing taller and bigger and bigger. I am still sitting in the snake pose , watching mesmerised.
      Something made me look down at myself...and i saw myself growing. At par with the 7 headed snake. it was so natural. so beautiful. So easy. We were growing in tandem.
  How i wish i could explain this...the natural, easy movement ...the expansion. There were no thoughts in my mind, no emotions of any kind...just a watcher! A watcher within a watcher! A dream within a dream. I didnt know what was real any more!
         What is reality? Varsha sitting with her eyes closed in the garden in hospet...or the one in snake position, expanding and arising! The Earth family or the group of shamanic dancers ?  Why do i have to choose? i am both...i belong to both the families....and the many more that i cannot see.
     We just kept on growin and at some point..we stopped. i looked down...feeling what Gulliver probably felt in the land of the Lilliputs.( hmm. Was the story a metaphor..!)
   i was a giant...feeling what possibly Vaman, the Brahmin he grew and looked down on the Earth. Literally, my head was in the clouds. I looked around and could faintly see other giants..walking around the Earth. Ethereal. Silent. No sounds are heard as that zone is that of telepathy...mind reading. One dosent have to gets transferred automatically via the crystalline grid. All going about their work, their Dharma..their reason for being here, Now.
    So serene. So full of industry. So calm...yet, had an aura of power; a distinct halo of love and the beauty of knowingness in it's purest form. Wow! What a feeling.
   There was no time..and as i came back into this body and gently opened my eyes...what felt like hours was about an hr of earth time.
  Sitting silently on the green carpet of Gaia, i allowed the experience to be absorbed in my conscious mind..and then, got up to attend to my day .
  Gratitude and extreme gratefulness...humble reverence to ...who, i wonder?

                        Ssigning off....Take care.

In the law of the One,


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