Friday, 14 December 2018

The 7 Horses and the Sun temples of Healing

Every session, every workshop is a new experience. A wise man has said...As you teach a technique, you yourself experience a deeper facet of that teaching. The qud pro quo principle.

i feel impulsed to share my experience with a group of souls last week, a Sat of 2018, December.
The intention of the workshop was to receive releases through the process of Rebirthing, overlighted mainly by dearest Babaji and MahaDev. There were many other Beings of Love, Light and Wisdom and i extend my humblest gratitude to them.

The workshop started as scheduled and the first session was very normal...rebirthing process.
It was the after lunch session which took off...literally a very unusual style for me, for this is something i have never headed before.

As we went deep within, which was the first session- we were traversing our inner organs and the cells, a "leap " or a "jump" happened and i found the 9 of us shooting out of the Crown , in a group Merkhaba spaceship like vehicle....a large spherical etheric spaceship with me at the "steering wheel" or whatever one may call it- the Guardian or the Guru or the TorchBearer- and the rest of the nine souls in their own personal Merkhaba's seated all around, behind me. Each of their Merkhabas had their immediate families with them. They too were in their soul bodies.
 The route of the large vehicle went through the vortex of Shamballa and zipped through the Earth's atmosphere. In nano seconds, we could see the rings of Saturn and entered a Gateway. The Gatekeeper's checked my arm and saw a lotus insignia and we were in.
The landing of the ship hapenned and we walked down a beautiful pathway-  manicured lawns and fountains of rainbow colours ...colours were vivid and had an HD quality to it...thats the only way i can describe it.
We approached a magnificent building - palatial...spread out with golden domes and sparkling exteriors. Broad steps took the group in as massive doorways greeted us. They opened with the lotus insignia and we walked in...soaking the environment. Arched domes with very high ceilings,and colorful birds flying in flocks.
The hall was semi-full with people wearing long robes and sparkling necklaces. Humanoids and various other life forms...much like the Star Wars gatherings. Head dresses and make-up.Some were hudled in groups while others were watching the procedings- in the far end of the Room. There was an Arthur like horseshoe table- and seated on it were the Council of 12. Each one, a beam of golden -diamond life-Beings i have personally worked under, as any one who is on the Path has and will.

This as the Karmic Council of this Solar System. They have complete access and authority to all the Akashaic Records of all the trillions and mega-llions souls in this Solar System, accross all space, time and dimension. They are resplendent Beings, connected to Source, needless to say.

Our group appeared before this Court, as was decreed, and our and our family's Akashaic Records were presented. It all happens in spilt seconds as the Space-tiem continuum on thsi Planet is differnt from's much faster.

Stamps of redemption were awarded, some were rejected.
All the member's received garlands of flowers, some received keys and jewels and tiaras and halo's, which they carry with them, in their bio-energetic field.

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